Memes explode the Internet booing Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize hopes

New Delhi: In a publicly disclosed letter to the North Korean leader, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday night that the cancellation was due to the “tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement”.

Trump apparently pointed to the remarks by North Korea’s vice foreign minister Choe Son-hui earlier on Thursday in which she lambasted US Vice President Mike Pence for bringing up a Libya-style approach in ridding the North of its nuclear programme and threatened to walk away from the summit.

Trump cancels June 12 Singapore summit with North Korea’s Kim

Choe also said the summit’s future was “entirely dependent” upon Washington.

Trump’s letter to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un announced his abrupt withdrawal from what would have been a first-ever meeting between a serving US President and a North Korean leader in over seven decades. It was due to take place in Singapore on June 12.

North Korea still open to talks with US: Minister

“Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it would be inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting,” Trump wrote in his letter to Kim.

Twitterati started mocking Trump’s previous assertion that the summit would win him the Nobel Peace Prize, or as he claimed “many people” thought he should get it. Here are some funny memes and criticism shelled out at President Trump: