Meet the new social media star ‘climber’ Raccoon

#MPRraccoon captured widespread attention as people online followed its adventurous heroics when it climbed a 25-story building in Minnesota.

A building-scaling raccoon captivated the Internet after it climbed a 25-storey building in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Wednesday.

At first, it looked so defeated: Its head buried between its front paws and its body curled up on a ledge 20 feet above a street in downtown St. Paul. But this was a raccoon, after all — part of a deceptive and unpredictable family of nocturnal mammals whose panda-like looks lull humans into forgetting they can carry multiple diseases.

The raccoon’s progress to the roof was tracked through live streams.

Nonetheless, three maintenance workers shortly before noon on Tuesday thought they could rouse the raccoon from its stupor and offered it a ladder to climb down from the ledge.

The raccoon, clearly not ready to give up and not a fan of ladders, jolted from the recess of the building, dug its long fingernails into the tan exterior and scurried over to another side. It started to climb and climb and climb.

Minnesota Public Radio branded the raccoon with the hashtag #MPRraccoon, and it was soon trending on Twitter.

The raccoon, a female about 2 years old, was first spotted on a ledge on Tuesday morning (local time), just a few stories high. St Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward.

They put a live trap on the top of the building in which there is enough food and water to encourage the raccoon.

By the time the team reached the animal, it was “incredibly tired,” had eaten and drank all that was in the trap.

Later, it was caught and picked up by Wildlife Management Department.

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