Meet the astrologer who predicted BJP’s definite win in Karnataka

New Delhi: What exactly comes to mind when you think of an astrologer? Kundali, manglik, wedding jibes, etc etc… right? The pre-conceived notion about astrologers, widely in our country, is that they can tell you about some of the important future events in your life, like what is the possibility of higher education, when would he/she get married, when would they have kids, whether they can own a house, or when will they become rich, etc.

Meet astrologer Anirudh Kumar Mishra, the man who tweets his predictions on national and international events.

“Vedic Astrologer. I speak what I see, I predict what I read .Tweets are my Prediction” — reads his bio on Twitter. Starting from the rise of BJP in the political scenario, to the rise and fall in sensex, to IPL matches, natural disasters, even terrorist attacks, Mishra has it all covered. His predictions are mind-boggling.

He joined Twitter on 2016, and since then had predicted some major events, like this tweet which is currently pinned to his wall. He has shared this post on March 29, way before the Karnataka Assembly elections: “There will be a BJP led government in Karnataka. It may require a support of nearly +5 seats.”

With BS Yeddyurappa swearing in as the new Chief Minister of Karnataka on Thursday, there’s very little left to imagination regarding who’s going to rule the state.

He also shared a followup tweet about BJP’s win on May 15, on the day when the election results were to be announced:

And then this:

Some far fetched predictions:

His tweets on international affairs:

His predictions on India’s growth:

His prediction on a terror attack in Pakistan:

On December 1, 2017, terrorists disguised under ‘burqas’ attacked an agriculture training institute in Peshawar, killing 13 people and wounding more than 30. Mishra tweeted claiming his prediction to be accurate, but he also acknowledged that he was off by one day. Then he said there would be five more such attacks in Pakistan by the middle of February.

For this we’ll have to wait till May 25:

Here’s some self-praise:

One must feel really curious to know his methods of such accurate predictions. At least, we are.

Mishra was unavailable for comments.