Maxwell ‘shocked’ and ‘hurt’ by fixing allegations

Sydney: Glenn Maxwell has spoken about his anger at being linked to allegations of spot-fixing in an investigative documentary, while also revealing he has previously reported suspicious on-field events in IPL matches to anti-corruption officials.

An Al Jazeera exploration of corruption in cricket alleged that Australian players were involved in spot-fixing during the 2017 Ranchi Test against India, in which Maxwell made his first Test century after being recalled. While the documentary did not name Maxwell, match footage included left little doubt that he was one of two Australian players being accused.

Maxwell said he had been informed by Cricket Australia that the documentary was going to air, but was not questioned by anti-corruption officials about allegations of spot-fixing to meet a pre-planned number of runs in a “bracket” of overs on the first day of the match.

“I was shocked. I was a bit hurt by it as well. It was 100% unfair, to tarnish one of the best moments of my career was pretty brutal, Maxwell told SEN Radio. “The only thing they could have done worse was tarnish that [2015] World Cup win. They’re two of the best moments of my career.”

IPL under scanner again

Speaking about his involvement in other tournaments, Maxwell indicated it was not uncommon for him to report “anything untoward” to anti-corruption officers. Asked whether he had seen things in overseas T20 leagues that were enough to have his “antennae up”, Maxwell replied “100%”.

“I’ve been very honest with them [anti-corruption officers] the whole way through with the IPL,” Maxwell said. “If I’ve ever seen anything untoward I always sat down with them, had a long coffee and just talked about everything to make sure nothing ever, ever comes back to me. If there’s anything slightly amiss, I always give them a call and make sure they have every bit of evidence they can possibly have. There wasn’t really anything untoward in the season I was captain, but you could certainly tell from opposition stuff and that’s why I reported certain things.”

(With agency inputs)