Match made in heaven? Six elderlies queue up to marry 50-yr-old woman in Surat

Surat, Gujarat: When 50-year-old Bhavana Lathewala’s name was announced on the stage, six prospective grooms, between the age of 50 and 80, queued up to marry her. After this, Bhavana interviewed each of them and finally decided marry one Nanji Jadav.

Over 200 people, between the age of 45 and 82, gathered in Surat’s Varachha on Sunday in search of a new life-partner. The first of its kind match-making convention in the state, meant for senior citizens, saw a total of 185 men and 80 men, taking the total to 265.

The event was organised by Ahemdabad-based organisation Anubandh Foundation at Vishwas Bhawan of Umiyadham in Varachha.

From doctors, businessmen to engineers, men from various fields took part in the meet. Women said they were looking for life partners with monthly income between Rs 15,000 and 95,000.

The questionnaire

The senior citizens were asked to provide answers to some questions so that the organisers could understand their concerns and needs. Some of the questions were:

  1. How many men or women come to meet you?
  2. How are your children and how responsible are they?
  3. How is your health?
  4. Have the children of both partners given their consent for the new relationship?
  5. What will you do when one of the partners passes away?