Manmohan Singh unsure about Congress’ offer to contest from Amritsar

New Delhi: Congress leaders in Punjab have urged former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to contest from Amritsar but according to the party sources Singh has not responded positively so far.

The Punjab Congress unit requested the 86-year-old former prime minister to contest. The state party leaders told him that Punjabis would be delighted if he contested the Lok sabha polls from Amritsar, home to the holiest Sikh shrine Golden Temple.

In the 2009 national elections as well he was offered the constituency but declined the request citing ill health.

Singh’s term as Rajya Sabha member ends on June 14

Manmohan Singh has been a Rajya Sabha member since 1991 from Assam and his term ends on June 14. But in the coming Rajya Sabha elections in Assam, the Congress does not have enough numbers to seal Manmohan Singh’s re-election. The Congress will need the support of parties like the All India United Democratic Front.

The veteran Congress leader has never won Lok Sabha elections. He was the Congress candidate from South Delhi in 1999 but lost to the BJP’s VK Malhotra.