Manav Vij to play Mohammed Ghori in YRF’s Prithviraj Chauhan

An official of the YRF announced their first-ever historical magnum opus – Prithviraj Chauhan with Akshay Kumar playing the titular role. The announcement was made recently on the eve of Akshay’s 52nd birthday. The film on Prithviraj Chauhan will tell the tale of the glory of the warrior Rajput king and how he defeated the tyrannical Mohammed Ghori.

We have now learnt from our sources that actor Manav Vij has been cast in the role of Mohammed Ghori in the film.

Says a source, “Ever since the film was first announced, the makers were on the lookout for an actor to play the role of Mohammed Ghori. They considered various options including some known names but none were fitting the bill. The brief for the role was simple. Someone who could look powerful, strong and intimidating on-screen and who at the same time had no previous stereotyped image as an actor.”

The source further revealed that the casting team came across Manav Vij. “The team screen tested Manav and found that he suited the character perfectly as he had the height and body to match Akshay Kumar as his powerful adversary,” the source added.

Sources suggest that Manav will start training for the role soon and he will be seen sporting a beard and bulky body to resemble the Muslim invader.