Man masturbates on Kolkata bus, arrested after women post videos on Facebook

Kolkata: The police on Saturday arrested a man for allegedly masturbating in a bus while staring at two women who recorded the incident and posted it on social media.

“The perverted man, a hawker by profession, was arrested from Shyampukur police station area in the city,” the Kolkata police said on its Facebook page.

The post of the city police, that also carried the photograph of the accused, said the man hailing from Baidyabati in Hooghly district was arrested within hours of the matter was posted by the victims.

The police launched an investigation after one of the two women posted two videos on her Facebook page and also on the page of the Kolkata Police.

Two video grabs showed an elderly man making vulgar gestures and allegedly masturbating inside a bus. The victim on her Facebook post revealed that 15 days ago they (the woman and her friend) had to go through a similar ordeal when the same man had put down his pants and had shown his genitals to them.

“When we protested and asked the bus conductor to take action, he ignored our pleas. Fifteen days back when the person had made vulgar gestures we could not do anything as we did not have any proof. Today we have these two videos as proof and we want justice,” the victim said on her Facebook post.

The Kolkata police had assured them that the culprit would be arrested and punished after they came to know about the incident.

“We don’t need any written complaint. The videos posted on our Facebook page is enough for us. We have already lodged a case. We are trying to track down the culprit,” the Kolkata police had said on their Facebook page before the man was arrested.

The man was arrested later.