Man ends life by hanging; autopsy reveals he was a woman

Deceased’s sister always believed she was his brother; police to probe why she had hidden her gender.

Dera Bassi, Punjab: A young man, who worked as a peon at Oasis Marriage Palace here, committed suicide by hanging but during the post-mortem it was revealed that he was actually a woman and not a man. Surprisingly, her sister believed that the deceased was her brother and she could not believe when doctors told her the reality. The deceased’s parents had left him and her sister long back.

The deceased was identified as Kabir Rai, 22, son of Bahadur Rai, resident of Maulijagra. The autopsy was conducted at Dera Bassi Hospital on Saturday. Cops, staff of Oasis Marriage Palace and Kabir’s sister were taken aback when they learnt that Kabir was a woman.

Deceased described self as man in suicide note

In the suicide note, Kabir has addressed herself as a man, and wrote that he was ending life as he was upset about his girlfriend’s death. It is not clear why she was hiding her gender. Surprisingly, Kabir’s younger sister, 20, believed she was her brother. She was not ready to accept that Kabir was actually her sister.

Investigating officer ASI Nathi Ram said it would be investigated why Kabir was hiding her gender and if there was any compulsion behind it.

In the suicide note recovered by the police from the spot, Kabir wrote that one of his girlfriends lived in Delhi. The girl committed suicide about 20 days back. Since she was in shock after her death and so was also ending her life. She expressed the wish that her remains be immersed at the same place as her beloved’s.

Doctors surprised

When the body was brought to the hospital for post-mortem, the entry register mentioned Kabir as male. But when the post-mortem began the staff including the doctors were surprised to find that the deceased was a female. First, they thought there could be some mistake in the documents. They checked the documents and talked to the police. Police said that the deceased’s sister also said that the deceased was her brother. After this, two lady doctors were called for autopsy.

Not a case of sex change

Doctors said that this was not a case of sex change but Kabir was a born female as is clear from her private parts and presence of a uterus in the body. Kabir’s younger sister Nirmala Rai is a conductor in a bus in a Chandigarh school. In the post-mortem room, she was shown her brother’s female body. According to her, Kabir was a boy and was treated like a boy by everyone.

Parents had left them

Kabir and his sister Nirmala Rai had been deserted by their parents long back. Since then Kabir had been staying in Delhi. He came to Dera Bassi, a satellite city of Chandigarh, about two years back and started working in the marriage palace as a boy.

Never suspected he was a girl

Palace owner and staff said that Kabir had been working there for two years. Her body language, deportment and way of speaking were like a boy and they never suspected Kabir to be a girl and always treated her like a boy.

(Story by Manoj Rajput)