Mamata must stop seeking proof of air strike: PM Modi

Buniadpur, West Bengal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to stop asking for evidence of the Balakot air strike by the Indian armed forces, instead, look for “proofs” in the chit fund scams and infiltration that has taken place in West Bengal.

“After Indian soldiers entered Pakistan and finished off the terrorists, Didi was the one of those, who asked for proofs. Do you people need proofs as well or do you have faith in the word of our army?” Modi asked people at a public rally here in West Bengal’s Dakshin Dinajpur district.

“Didi, (Banerjee) if you really want proof, then look for proofs of the offenders in the chit fund scams and the infiltrators. Stop asking for proofs from our army. Our brave soldiers are the proof of their actions themselves,” he said.

Accusing Banerjee and her associates of not acting against terrorism for the sake of their votebank, Modi said the country requires such a model that can ensure everyone’s security and create a sense of fear among the terrorists.

“Do you remember the Khagragarh blast that took place here a few years back during the Durga Puja? Who tried to stop the probe into that blast? Do you think people like that would be able to fight terrorism? 

“People like Mamata Banerjee decide about acting against terrorism by looking at their votebank,” he alleged.

“But this Chowkidar (Modi himself), responds to the terrorists in a language that they understand the best. India is killing the terrorists by entering their homes. 

“Tell me, are the terrorist scared or not now? Tell me if Modi is doing the right thing or not?” he asked the massive gathering at Buniadpur, which responded with a collective yes.

The Prime Minister also said once elected to power, his government will take more stringent steps to stop infiltration and deport the infiltrators.

“Do you know what will happen on May 23? The election result would come out and once the Modi government is formed again, we will, take up more stringent steps to stop the infiltration and deport the infiltrators from here,” Modi said.

“Those who are trying to hinder fencing work at the borders, will also be given befitting reply after the election result is out,” he added.

(With inputs from IANS)