Mahagathbandhan a ‘political adventurism’ that’s bound to fail: PM Modi

'These groups have no development, no growth, no bright, stable future to offer to this country.'

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the attempt of Opposition parties to form a grand alliance against the BJP government for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections is “political adventurism” that’s bound to fail.

“These groups that are being formed, Mahagathbandhan, or whatever they may call it, cannot create a gathbandhan of the electorate. Indian electorate has always kept the national interest paramount and I have a faith that it will not compromise its vote for such incongruent groups whose only focus is, as you say, ‘anyone but Modi’,” the Prime Minister told Hindustan Times in an interview.

PM Modi said this, after Opposition parties failed to win the election for the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman’s post while ruling National Democratic Alliance’s candidate won easily on Thursday.

“A non-ideological alliance of desperate and disparate groups is not a ‘Mahagathbandhan’ but political adventurism. It is a failed idea which never succeeded in past. History tells us that such adventurism failed in the past and will never succeed in the future. The people want a strong and a decisive government that is sensitive to their interests and gives them results,” he further said in the interview.

“The political pundits as we all know, proved themselves completely wrong in 2014. Once again, we and the people of this country will prove them wrong. These groups and Mahagathbandhans have no development, no growth, no bright, stable future to offer to this country. Their limited vision of getting together to remove Modi is what will expose them to the discerning public. It is what will spell their doom,” predicted the PM.
Over the past several months Opposition parties have tried to pin down the government on many issues but since their effort to form an alliance for the elections has been hampered over and over due to ideological differences and leadership nothing constructive has come out yet.
The no-trust motion the Opposition moved against the government on July 20 was also defeated in the Lok Sabha.
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