Madhya Pradesh: Woman set self, daughter on fire to stop demolition of her house in Morena, angry villagers hold tehsildar captive

Morena: Tehsildar Bhumija Saxena who had gone to demolish a house on the temple land near Pachpeda village at Porsa in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena district was taken hostage by the villagers.

The Collector and Superintendent of Police along with the force reached the village to get her released at which angry villagers pelted stones at them. Villagers broke the tehsildar’s car and set the JCB to fire. The ruckus lasted for about two hours. The incident took place on Tuesday.

A woman named Rajabeti who resided in the house which was going to be demolished, tried to immolate herself along with her two daughters in protest against the demolition. On seeing the administrative staff, she warned to set herself on fire if her house was pulled down.

Policemen ignored woman’s threat

Policemen however ignored her threat and said, ‘Go, set yourself on fire”. Later, the woman entered the house with her daughters and actually sprinkled kerosene oil on her and set herself on fire.

Immediately the unnerved officers rushed in to save her but the woman and one of her daughters received 60-70 percent burns. The second daughter is missing. The woman was sent to Morena district hospital.

After the attempt of self-immolation, the villagers were furious and took tehsildar Bhumija Saxena hostage. They pelted stones also. On receiving information regarding the incident, Collector Priyanka Das and SP Asit Yadav reached the spot with heavy force.

Villagers held tehsildar hostage for two hours

The villagers kept tehsildar Bhumija Saxena hostage for two hours. The villagers said that if the woman died, the tehsildar would also be set afire. Later Collector Priyanka Das and SP Asit Yadav interacted with the villagers and at about 3 pm, things turned back to normal. Actually, Rajabeti and her daughters resided in the 2 bigha land in the temple. The temple management had complained to the administration.