Madhya Pradesh/ Woman in Bhopal murdered one-and-half year girl by drowning in water after dispute with her mother

Bhopal: Following a dispute with her mother, a woman killed a one-and-a-half-year-old girl by drowning her in a water-filled pit. The woman threw the body in foil after killing the girl. The police arrested the accused woman. It is being told that the girl used to call the accused woman as aunt (mausi).

According to the police, Mohini, who lives in Meera Nagar locality of Habibganj, had a dispute with a woman named Anusha. Both of these women live in the same building. Anusha took Mohini’s daughter with her on Wednesday afternoon luring her with biscuits.

The accused woman Anusha took the baby girl to a deserted place near the bushes close to Narayana Nagar. At one place there was a pit filled with water. Here she caught the girl and kept her mouth immersed in the water in the pit until she died. After this, the woman threw the baby’s body in a big foil lying nearby and returned home.

When the girl was not found, the police were informed. After this, on the basis of the statement of the girl’s mother, the police strictly questioned the accused woman in custody. The woman broke down during interrogation and confessed to her crime. Police recovered the dead body of the girl at the behest of the accused woman.