Madhya Pradesh/ Wife sent to tantric after triple talaq in Bhopal; raped in name of halala; husband, tantric booked

Bhopal: In the Aishbagh area of the Madhya Pradesh capital Bhopal, a Muslim woman was given triple talaq by her husband and he then forced her out of the house. Not only this, but the ‘nikai’ father of the woman also committed excesses with her in the name of doing halala.

Husband asked woman to keep quiet: When the woman told this to her husband, he instructed her to keep quiet. Police have registered dowry harassment and rape case and another case under Muslim Women Protection Act against husband and tantric baba in this case. This is the first case of triple talaq and halala in Bhopal.

According to CSP Jahangirabad Alim Khan, the 22-year-old woman lives in Bismillah Colony. The woman was married a few years ago. After marriage, the woman’s husband started harassing her for demanding dowry.

Gave her triple talaq and drove out of house: On 23 November, the woman’s husband gave her triple divorce and drove her out of the house. The woman’s kin also tried to convince him but failed. The woman then went to her nikai father Anwar Baba.

According to police, the 22-year-old woman resident of Ashoka Garden is a homemaker. She was married on 29 April 2019. 

Tantric Nikai Abba alias Anwar Khan (51) used to visit the woman at Bismillah Colony Aishbagh.

Tantric kept bad eye on woman: The tantric used to keep a bad eye on the victim. He used to reach her house in the absence of the victim’s husband and in-laws.

During this, he used to act indecently with the woman. The woman told the husband of the accused’s antics but he did not believe. Troubled by the excesses of the husband and nikai father, the woman reached the police station late on Tuesday and lodged a case.

After divorce, woman raped in name of Halala: The woman told the police that a month after the marriage, she moved to a different place with her husband.

Accused tantrik started coming there too. The woman had a quarrel with her husband over this matter. The woman also had a dispute with her husband on November 23 last. On the insistence of the husband, the woman called the tantric home.

After coming home, the tantric told the victim that her husband had divorced her. Now you have to have a relationship with me for halala. When the woman asked her husband, she said that according to the Shari’a, she has been given a divorce by triple talaq. Do as the tantrik nikai abba says.

Who is Nikai Abba: At the time when the man and the woman are married, someone from the bride’s side becomes Nikai Abba. Both are married only after the Nikai Abba’s signature. The Nikai Abba is a witness. Also, if there is a dispute between the husband and wife, he comes for a settlement.