Madhya Pradesh: Weather to clear up from Saturday, night temperatures to drop

  • Skymet Weather has predicted the weather in MP will get cleared from Saturday
  • After this cold winds from the north and northwest direction will commence which will drop the minimums by two to four degrees 

Bhopal: Fairly widespread rain and thundershowers with isolated hailstorm activities occurred over many parts of east and central Madhya Pradesh, as predicted by Skymet Weather.

In fact, Sidhi in the past 24 hours recorded 55 mm, Tikamgarh 31 mm, Bhopal 22 mm, Betul 19 mm, Raisen 16 mm, Damoh 11 mm, and Jabalpur 10 mm of rainfall activities. Many other districts witnessed light to moderate rains as well.

There was a trough which was extending from the northwest Rajasthan to southeast Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, the humid southeasterly winds from the Bay of Bengal were pushing moisture over East Madhya Pradesh. However, the rain activities during the month of December are not very common in Madhya Pradesh.

Eastern districts of MP may continue to receive scattered rains: Now Skymet meteorologists expect that the eastern districts of Madhya Pradesh such as Sidhi, Umaria, Satna, Jabalpur, etc. may continue to receive scattered rains on Friday as well. By tomorrow the weather will clear up. Due to overnight cloud cover, many parts of East Madhya Pradesh have witnessed a rise in minimums by two to four degrees.

After 24 hours that is from Saturday, the weather will get cleared and the cold winds from the north and northwest direction will commence which will drop the minimums by two to four degrees and isolated may even witness a fall of even five degrees in the coming 48 hours.

The isolated pockets of northern and northeastern parts of Madhya Pradesh may even witness dense fog also. But no significant weather activity is likely in terms of rain in the coming days.

CM assures all possible help to farmers: Chief Minister Kamal Nath has assured all possible help to the farmers. He tweeted and said, “Due to sudden rains, thunderstorms, and hailstorms in many parts of the state yesterday, the crops got damaged. Farmer brothers do not worry, the government is with you in this hour of crisis. All possible help will be provided.”

Visibility reduced to 500 meters on Friday: The effect of rain on Thursday in the capital Bhopal was that visibility decreased to 500 meters on Friday morning. Bhopal received 21.6 mm of rain in 8 hours till 11:30 pm. This created a new record for rain in December. Meteorologist PK Saha said that earlier on December 13, 2014, there was 19.5 mm of rain.