Madhya Pradesh Weather/ Rain in Chhindwara increases cold; Datia coldest at 1.4 degrees, New Year in Bhopal may begin with drizzle

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, with the freezing cold, the drizzle has also started in many areas. On Tuesday morning, some areas of Indore received light rain. While it has been raining in Chhindwara, in the capital Bhopal too, the weather mood has changed since Tuesday morning.

The Meteorological Department has predicted rain in Bhopal in the new year. On the other hand, severe cold continues in Gwalior-Chambal. Monday was the coldest day in history in Gwalior. The maximum temperature dropped to 8.3 degrees here. A girl has died due to severe cold in Shivpuri.

Datia recorded the lowest temperature in the state on Tuesday. The minimum temperature here was 1.4 degrees and 2.2 degrees in Tikamgarh. At the same time, mercury was recorded at 3 degrees in Gwalior and Naugaon. Birds have died due to cold in Datia. At the police lines in Datia birds were found dead in the morning in large numbers.

Among the major cities of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal recorded a minimum temperature of 9.4 degrees, Indore 12.4 degrees and Jabalpur 8.6 degrees. Dense fog has been observed in many districts of the state including Raisen and Vidisha since morning.

Dense fog in many districts: There is a thick fog in Shahdol and surrounding areas. The vehicles running on Shahdol-Umaria Road and Shahdol-Rewa Road are keeping the headlights of the vehicles on.

The weatherman said that in Bhopal on Tuesday, the minimum temperature has increased by about 2.5 degrees as compared to Monday and drizzle can also occur at night. Western Disturbances will remain in effect till January 2 in many places including Bhopal. Due to this, there may be light rain or showers with thunder and hailstorm may also occur.

It is cloudy, it may rain tonight: Due to western disturbance, there has been cloud cover in many places including Bhopal since last night, due to which the minimum temperature has started to rise and drizzle is expected in some places from Tuesday night.

Scientist PK Saha of Meteorological Center Bhopal told that there is still intense cold wave at some places in the districts of Gwalior and Chambal and in the northern and eastern regions, but the minimum temperature has increased due to cloud cover in western Madhya Pradesh. Here, there was heavy rain in the morning in the Saunsar tehsil of Chhindwara. After this, another round of intense cold could begin.

A girl died due to severe cold in Shivpuri: A tribal girl died in Karera due to the cold weather in Shivpuri where intense coldwave conditions prevail. Block Medical Officer of Karera, Pradeep Sharma said that Pooja Adivasi (15) was brought to the health center on Monday evening after her health deteriorated. Where she was declared dead after a checkup. Sharma said that the girl had respiratory problems, so it is likely that due to excess cold she may have had trouble in breathing and died.

Monday was the coldest in 30 years of record: The cold weather continues throughout North India including the region. Gwalior saw the coldest day in the state on Monday. While the night was coldest of Bhind. The harsh winter in Gwalior has set a new record. According to the records available in the weather office, Gwalior has never had such cold days in the last thirty years. The day temperature in Gwalior was recorded at 8.3 degrees. With this, Monday was the 11th Cold Day of the season. At the same time, December night was the coldest after 23 years. The minimum temperature was 2.2 degrees on Monday. Earlier on December 11, 1996, the minimum temperature was 2.2 degrees.

Dewdrops froze on crops for the third day: On the third day in the city, on Monday, the dewdrops froze on crops at many places in the state. These days the Sun comes out at 9 o’clock and sometimes at 10 o’clock. Due to this, the crops remain frozen for a long time. According to agricultural scientists, if sunlight comes quickly, the snow from the crops can quickly melts. The longer the sun is delayed, the longer it takes for the ice to melt. More damage is caused by the freezing of ice on crops. The farmers are worried about the loss of crops.

District and city temperature: More than 25 districts of the state recorded minimum temperatures below 10 degrees. Shivpuri- 7.0, Datia- 1.4, Sheopur- 4.6, Tikamgarh- 2.2, Naugaon – 3.0, Khajuraho- 3.5, Bhopal- 9.4, Gwalior- 3.0, Sagar- 6.8, Ratlam- 6.5, Guna- 6.0, Dhar- 7.6, Khandwa- 12.4, Khargone- 9.2, Indore- 12.4, Jabalpur- 8.6, Hoshangabad- 14.0, Betul- 8.0, Pachmarhi 13.0, Satna- 7.0, Sidhi- 9.4, Rewa- 6.6, Shajapur- 10.5, Rajgarh- 9.4, Ujjain- 10.8, Seoni – 10.4, Umaria – 5.8, Malajkhand – 9.7, Narsinghpur – 7.0 and Damoh – 5.6 degrees were recorded.