Madhya Pradesh Weather/ Coldest October in Bhopal after six years

Bhopal: The temperature has dipped in most areas of the state including Bhopal due to cloudy weather conditions and drizzles. Due to 0.8 mm of rain in the capital from morning to evening, the maximum temperature fell 7 degrees below normal to reach 25.5 degrees.

It was the coldest day of the season. Earlier on 4 October 2013, the mercury had reached this level. Whereas after 22 years, in the second fortnight of October it has been so cold.

Earlier on 31 October 1997, the daytime temperature was 25.4 degrees. Senior weather scientist AK Shukla said that one and a half inches of rain in Mandla, one inch of rain was recorded in Seoni and Malagkhand of Balaghat. The mercury in Indore and Jabalpur also remained 7 degrees below normal.

What next: Cold will increase from Dhanteras, the Diwali night is likely to be cold. Minimum temperature may fall to 5 degrees below normal, this trend will last till the first week of November

 Low pressure

  • Low Pressure area has been created in the Arabian Sea. Due to its formation, there is moisture in many areas of Madhya Pradesh including Bhopal.


  • A cyclone is formed in the upper part of the air in eastern Uttar Pradesh. So it is cloudy from UP to Bhopal.

 Trough line

  • A trough line is formed to Vidarbha. That is why there were rains in Hoshangabad, Jabalpur, parts of Indore division, Balaghat, Mandla.

 Wind speed

  1. In Bhopal, 10 km above the ground, the wind is moving at a speed of 70 km and clouds are formed at 4-5 km altitude. They are causing rainfall.

Day and night temperature difference continuously increasing

According to meteorologist PK Saha, there was a difference of 5 degrees in the day and night temperatures on Sunday. Even on Saturday, this difference was just 4.2 degrees. Earlier on Friday too, there was a difference of 8 degrees in both temperatures.

In such a situation, the cold will increase as the cloud will disperse and the night temperature on Deepawali is expected to fall from 21.6 degrees to 16 to 18 degrees. Ten years ago on October 5, 2009, October was even colder. The daytime temperature was then recorded at 24.1 degrees due to rain.