Madhya Pradesh/ Weather changes suddenly, rain in many areas of Bhopal

Bhopal: The weather patterns suddenly changed in the entire division including the capital Bhopal on Tuesday morning. In many areas, rainfall occurred for about half an hour. There was drizzle in some areas. The temperature has also come down due to light winds with rain.

On Monday, the people of Bhopal were feeling some relief from the winter as the temperature rose. By about eight o’clock on Tuesday morning, the mood of the weather remained the same as on Monday. But suddenly the weather changed and there was a thick cloud cover over the skies. With this, the rain started in many areas.

The old Bhopal, MP Nagar, Anand Nagar, besides Bairagarh, received heavy rains for about half an hour. There was light drizzle in the new Bhopal. After a while, the Sun came out. The Meteorological Department says that the weather is expected to remain the same throughout the day.

Mercury reached 28 degrees on Monday: The weather changed in the city as the wind pattern changed on Monday. Day temperatures rose by 2.3 and night temperatures rose by 2.4 degrees. After 44 days in the city, the day temperature reached 28 degrees. Earlier on November 30, the day temperature was recorded at 28.9 degrees. There was no cold in the day. The mercury rose as the Sun shone brightly. The situation was that from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, the temperature had risen by 12 degrees in just three hours. The day temperature was recorded at 28.4 degrees.

Why the temperature increased: According to senior meteorologist AK Shukla, an anti-cyclonic system has developed over Vidarbha. Due to this, the wind direction has turned south. It is also not getting moisture. The northern winds are not entering state. Due to this, the temperature also increased.