Madhya Pradesh/ We were filled with energy to see dedication of ISRO scientists: Morena student Nancy Gupta

Morena (MP): In the online quiz, 70 children were selected from all over the country to watch the landing of Chandrayaan-2.

Porsa (Morena) student Nancy Gupta also reached Bangalore to join it. Nancy said in a discussion with Dainik Bhaskar on mobile on Saturday morning that witnessing this glorious moment was nothing short of a dream for me.

However, it will always be regretted that in the last moments Vikram Lander lost contact with the Earth and she could not witness a historical moment. “Still, I am full of energy after seeing the concentration and dedication of ISRO scientists”, she said.

Nancy said that all of us were taken to the Research Center of ISRO at 11.30 pm. Here we met selected scientists who had been working day and night for the Chandrayaan-2 project for 10-12 years. As soon as the countdown of Lander Vikram started from 1.30 am, our heartbeats became fast.

Nancy said: “When I saw the expressions of concern on the faces of the scientists 59 seconds before the scheduled time to land on the moon of the lander, I realized that something was wrong. It was hoped for 20 minutes that perhaps the scientist would be able to establish contact with Vikram. But our hopes dashed. Nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience for us.”