Madhya Pradesh: Wary of sparks, man throws mobile out of car; device explodes

Indore: A Samsung Galaxy A-7 belonging to businessman in Indore exploded while he was on way to his office from home.

Geeta Nagar resident Anil Nayar said his office is in Orbit Mall. On Thursday morning at about 11.30 am, he got inside his car to go to office. His Samsung Galaxy A-7 was placed in the adjacent seat. When the car reached the Robot square from the Khajrana intersection, there was a spark in his mobile and smoke started coming out.

He parked the car on one side and threw the mobile out of the car. Before he could get out of the car, the the mobile turned into two pieces, owing to explosion.

Blast occurred due to battery: Engineer

The service engineer of the Samsung Service Centre said the blast took place on account of the battery. He said the battery could have become hot or swelled.