Madhya Pradesh/ Villagers throw stones at police in Hoshangabad, TI suffers head injury, two dozen injured

Hoshangabad: A clash broke out between the villagers and the police on Wednesday in the forest of Bankheri area located in the Naya Gaon of Piparia. Around two dozen people have been injured in the fierce stone pelting. It includes about six policemen. At present, police from three police stations have been called to the spot. The situation still remains tense. TI also suffered a head injury.

Rumour about tree’s healing power: According to the information, a rumour has been spread about a 25-year-old Mahua tree in the forest here for about a month. It is being said that by touching this mahua tree on five Sundays or Wednesdays, one gets rid of any incurable disease.

Cops fail to convince villagers: Due to this superstition, thousands of people started arriving in the forest on Wednesday to touch the tree. At first, the policemen tried to convince the people. As people did not agree, then they used some force. The villagers then lost temper and threw stones at the police. Besides half a dozen policemen, Bankheri Ti Shankar Lal Jharia suffered head injury.

This is the case: Actually, about a week ago, this rumour was spread that touching the mahua tree in the forest of Bankheri cures all diseases. It is the abode of some divine power. Then flocks of people started coming. Since then, thousands of people are coming here from morning till evening. It is being told that on Sunday, this number reached nearly one lakh. Due to such a large number of people in the forest, nature and wildlife is getting disturbed. But people’s faith is not decreasing. Traffic jams are being created in the forest. More than 50 policemen and similar forest personnel have been deployed to protect trees and maintain order.

This is how the superstition started: Roop Singh, a resident of Naya Gaon of Bankheri area told that he was passing under this Mahua tree about a month ago during the Sharadiya Navratri. Meanwhile, the tree pulled him further. He clung to the tree for ten minutes. When the tree left him, he could not understand what happened. But he felt very relaxed. After that, he came for five Wednesdays and Sundays. He was completely fine after that. After a few days, he told this thing to the villagers. After this, the people started visiting mahua tree in large numbers.