Madhya Pradesh/ VHP’s Alok Kumar says CBI should quizz Digvijaya Singh over ‘spying for ISI’ remark

Bhopal: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said on Sunday that the RSS and BJP have no nationalist leader. Therefore, they have adopted Sardar Patel, Mahatma Gandhi, and Dr. Ambedkar.

Singh had said on Saturday that some people of the BJP and Bajrang Dal are spying for the ISI. On his statement, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) acting president Alok Kumar has said that CBI should interrogate Digvijaya if he has any information. If his allegation turns out to be false then he should be punished.

‘BJP people take money from ISI’: Digvijaya had said that BJP describes itself as a nationalist party and says that it is fighting against Pakistan. What kind of nationalism is it that if their people spy for Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI for the sake of money. The Congress leader claimed, “Some people of the BJP and Bajrang Dal were also caught spying for the ISI. They are now out on bail, but the case is still going on against them.”

‘Gandhi, Godse or Golwalkar Darshan?’: Singh had said in Indore on 2 October that it is strange that the ideology that killed Mahatma Gandhi has a message to its workers that they should undertake a march in every panchayat for a month. Which philosophy will you put there in front of the public, Gandhi philosophy or Godse or Golwalkar philosophy?