Madhya Pradesh/ Two youths from Indore reached Bhutan and Nepal by bicycle, army questioned them for two hours mistaking them for terrorist

  • They had planned to ride up to Dewas Naka but their mood changed and they decided to ride further
  • The cycle journey has been going on for five months and still continues

Indore: The two youths who wanted to go up to Dewas Naka reached Bhutan and Nepal by bicycle. Their journey has been going on for five months and still continues. Now they have joined a big cycle tour.

They are visiting martyrs’ homes to learn about their problems: These youths are going to the martyrs’ homes to learn about their problems. They will pass through the capitals of all states and reach Kanyakumari. During this time a crowd of people surrounded them in Bengal mistaking them for child lifters.

Suresh Solanki, a resident of Bajrang Nagar, who is practising naturopathy in Indore, and Piyush Mahajan, a mobile shop operator and a resident of the Juni Indore, rode on a bicycle to Bhutan and Nepal.

Both started the journey from Indore on 7 July. Both of them had planned to visit Dewas Naka on the first day but suddenly their mood changed and they decided to ride further.

In West Bengal a mob of nearly 40 people surrounded them: They passed through Gwalior-Agra and reached Mathura-Vrindavan. After staying for two days, they reached Nepal and Bihar passing through Gorakhpur. They said that the Ram Nagar Police of Bihar treated them as guests, but in Krantinagar, West Bengal, more than 40 people surrounded them mistaking them for child lifters and they were assaulted. Finally, the police saved them from the mob.

People threatened, abused them at Bhutan border: People threatened them when they reached the Bhutan border. They abused them and said that you have come to commit thefts. They were stopped at the border and told that they could only take their bicycles with them. For this reason, both of them cycled along the border and travelled in Bhutan for two days by local bus.

Police thought they were thieves and army though they were terrorists: Piyush told that when they reached Kalingpong in Sikkim, a policeman stopped them. He said that you have come here after committing theft in Madhya Pradesh. Following hours of rigorous questioning, the cops let them go only after they talked with their respective families.

When they reached the top of the hill for an overnight stay, the army personnel stopped them thinking they were terrorists. Army interrogated them for two hours. They left them late at night after they were convinced that they were ordinary passengers.

The condition of the parents of most of martyrs is bad: Suresh told that he met Dr. Sanand Singh of Ghazipur in UP. Singh joined the cycle tour from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for honour and martyrdom of the martyrs, which started on October 2. They are now passing through the capitals of every state and visiting the martyrs’ homes.

According to Suresh, when a soldier attains martyrdom the entire amount goes to their wives and there is no one to take care of their parents. He said they will take the problems of the families of the martyrs with the government.

(Story by Raghvendra Baba)