Madhya Pradesh/ Tiger, tigress spotted near Bhopal’s Kaliasot Dam for first time

Bhopal: The movement of tigers is often noticed around Mindora and Kaliasot Dam in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal. Many times people see tigers or tigresses here. But for the first time, a tiger and tigress have been seen together here. A picture of the big cats near Kaliasot Dam was taken three days back.

Tiger T-3 and tigress T-123 are seen together in this picture. Forest department officials say that the tigress T-123 is making her pair for the second time.

Earlier, she gave birth to two cubs. When the cubs are more than 18 months old, the mother leaves them alone so that they become self-sufficient. Now she is preparing to raise the family again. In view of their movement, the Forest Department has issued an alert.