Madhya Pradesh/ Snake bites girl in Shivpuri, regains her senses after eight hours, reaches stadium and gets top place in long jump contest

  • Reena Rawat, a student of Shivnivas village in Shivpuri district selected for state-level school sports competition
  • Gwalior and Chambal division school sports competition organized in the sports complex of Shivpuri district headquarters

Shivpuri: Reena Rawat, a student of class X of government school of Singhniwas village near Shivpuri, was bitten by a snake hours before taking part in the divisional level sports competition. The family immediately rushed her to hospital and treatment was started in the village itself. 

Eight hours later, the girl regained consciousness. She was very scared after regaining consciousness. But as soon as she remembered that she had to take part in the long jump competition in the morning, she regained composure.

Although the family tried to stop her, Reena reached the district sports complex Shivpuri on Thursday morning and got the top place in the division by jumping 3.56 meters in the division-level school long jump competition of eight districts. 

With this, Reena was selected in the state school sports competition. Divisional school sports competition of Gwalior and Chambal was organized in the sports complex of Shivpuri district headquarters.

Leg was swollen, yet reached the stadium

Student Reena Rawat told Bhaskar that she returned from school at 4.30 pm on Wednesday. She was bitten by a snake while she was giving grass to the cow like all days. 

Reena tells: ‘I screamed when I saw the about two feet long black snake. The family members came running. I told that I was bitten by a snake. After this, I started feeling dizzy and lost consciousness. The family took me for treatment. At about midnight, I regained consciousness. I remembered in the morning that today is my competition. I was feeling pain and there was a swelling in the leg. I was scared yet reached Shivpuri. Eventually, my hard work was successful.’