Madhya Pradesh/ Shivraj Singh Chouhan will again become CM if BJP wins in Jhabua: Gopal Bhargava

Jhabua/Indore: Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava said that the MP government is not functioning properly. If they do not live up to the expectations of the public, then the public will pronounce its decision.

He said if BJP wins Jhabua seat, then Shivraj Singh Chouhan can become the chief minister again. Bhargava said this at a press conference in Jhabua on Tuesday. He said that the Kamal Nath government has failed on every front.

Later in Indore, Bhargava told reporters that the statement he had made in Jhabua was a speech given in general perspective. Do not derive another meaning from it. He said – It was just an election speech. We don’t have a number anyway. The national leadership decides such cases. I have no right to say such a thing.

Bhargava is dreaming, says Yadav: On the other hand, Agriculture Minister Sachin Yadav said – Everyone has the right to dream. Gopal Bhargava is also dreaming. Kamal Nath will be the Chief Minister for the whole 5 years.