Madhya Pradesh set to become a national sports hub

Bhopal: In the last one year, the development of world-class infrastructure for sports has gained the desired momentum in Madhya Pradesh. Also, the state has been successful in maintaining its presence in the first and second place in the medal tally of various sports.

The model of the state sports academies of Madhya Pradesh has been praised by states like Andaman and Nicobar, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam, Goa and Orissa. All these states are also trying to implement the model of Madhya Pradesh Academy either partially or fully.

Now the state government has decided to implement a plan to make sports courses mandatory in order to establish a new sports policy and importance of sports to promote sports talent of the state.

Medical and Accident insurance for players: Players of the state will now get the benefit of medical and accident insurance. Madhya Pradesh has now become the first state in the country to provide insurance to sportspersons. In the first phase, about 822 players of various sports academies are being given the benefit of insurance.

With medical insurance, players can get their treatment in any of the selected hospitals in the country. For this, they have been provided a free treatment facility up to Rs 2 lakh. Life insurance of Rs 5 lakhs has also been done for the players. Also, the parents of economically weaker players are also included in life insurance.

Cashless treatment facility: Through insurance, the cashless treatment facility will be available to players all over the country.

5% reservation for sportspersons in government service: There is a provision in the proposed new sports policy to provide a 5 percent reservation to sportspersons in government jobs.

Incentive for international medalists and participation: For the first time in the state, an incentive amount has been fixed for the players who have received medals in Olympics, World Cup, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and South Asian Games. There is provision of an incentive of Rs 2 crore for winning a gold medal at an international level, Rs one crore for a silver medal and Rs 50 lakh for achieving the bronze medal.

Apart from this, any player who has participated in international games and has not taken a medal will still be given an amount of Rs 10 lakh as an incentive.

In the National Sports and National Championships, medal winners will be given Rs 5 lakh for winning the gold medal, Rs 3 lakh 20 thousand for silver and Rs 2 lakh 40 thousand for winning a bronze medal.

Similarly, the player who has won the gold medal in the authorized national championships will be given Rs one lakh for winning a gold medal, Rs 75 thousand for a silver medal and Rs 50 thousand on winning a bronze medal.