Madhya Pradesh/ School bus collides with tree in Satna; over 25 children injured, villagers take out kids trapped in bus

Satna: In the Birsinghpur area of ​​Satna, a high-speed school bus became uncontrolled and hit a roadside tree. More than two dozen children were injured in the accident, who have been taken to the Primary Health Center Birsinghpur for treatment.

After receiving the information, the children’s relatives reached the hospital. It is learnt that the bus used to ferry the children of Junior Convent and the Mother Saraswati Vidya Mandir School. The driver of the school bus escaped from the spot after the incident.

Family members of children create ruckus: Family members of the children also created a ruckus in the hospital. It is also coming to light that these two schools are of the same operator. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the school bus was drunk due to which this accident occurred.

Hearing the cries of the children after the accident, the nearby villagers reached there and took out the children trapped in the bus and admitted them to the hospital. On getting the information, the Sabhapur police reached the spot.

Police have seized the bus. Eyewitnesses say the bus driver was driving in a drunken state. Therefore, an accident has happened again.

A year ago, 6 children died in a bus accident here: In the Birsinghpur area, a school van collided with a passenger bus on 22 November 2018, a year ago in which the van driver, including 6 students, was killed. There was an uproar in the entire state after the accident.

For a few days, the district administration and transport department showed strictness on school buses and school operators, but soon they became lax.