Madhya Pradesh: Recoveries 400% more than crimes makes SP fret

Hoshangabad police chief writes to ADG of Crime Records Bureau to ensure uniformity 

Bhopal: Have your ever heard police making 2631 recoveries or seizures in 538 cases of crime. Or maybe 2763 recoveries/seizures in 672 cases? It might seem a bit surprising but not for the cops of some districts in the state who are vying to get top spot on online crime and criminal network tracking system (CCNTS) of the state police.

 I noticed that there was lack of uniformity in reporting of crime by different districts. Some districts were listing out each article seized/recovered from each accused in particular cases as separate entries, while in other districts all the seizures were reported under single head. This surged some of the districts far ahead in CCNTS reporting. I have urged the senior officials to simply ensure that uniformity in crime reporting is maintained online.”  Arvind Saxena, SP,  Hoshangabad 

Police in districts like Mandsaur, Neemuch and Satna reported such excess number of recoveries/seizures in crime cases on the core application software (CAS) of the CCNTS that the superintendent of police (SP) of Hoshangabad district was forced to take up the matter with senior officials.

Unnecessary entries

The SP Arvind Saxena has written a letter to the additional inspector general of police of the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB), pointing out at the ‘improper’ online updating of records by some of the districts to get to the top spot of CCNTS reporting.

The SP also mentions that by making unnecessary entries, some districts are downing in the morale of cops in other districts who are reporting crime sincerely and truthfully.

The letter written by Saxena on July 12 has since gone viral amidst the police network. In the letter, the SP points out that some districts are making ‘unnecessary entries’ in the online system merely to get to the top spot in crime reporting.

Huge gap in entries

He specifically mentions Mandsaur, Neemuch and Satna district where the numbers of FIRs are respectively 538, 548 and 672, but the recoveries against them are as high as 2631, 1476 and 2763 respectively. These recoveries, the SP points out, are as much as 400% more than FIRs that does not at all seem practical.

In the letter, he has urged the Addnl IG of SCRB to take proper steps to ensure that such improper activities are arrested.



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