Madhya Pradesh/ Radio collar put on Panna Tiger Reserve tigress for security

Panna: A radio collar was put on a young tigress of Panna Tiger Reserve to ensure her better security as the movement area of the tigress has increased. After wearing the radio collar, now the tigress’s movements can be easily monitored for 24 hours.

Four cubs are also with the tigress: The radio collar was put on Tuesday. This tigress of Panna Tiger Reserve is about four-and-a-half years old and four cubs of one year are also roaming with her.

These days the tigress is also hunting cattle and wandering outside the core area spread over 542 square kilometers. Hence a radio collar has been put on the tigress for her safety.

Reserve Deputy Director Jarande Ishwar Ramhari said that the movements of tigress can be easily monitored round-the-clock. Therefore, this step has been taken.

All the tigers had vanished in Panna Tiger Reserve more than a decade ago. Then the plan for tiger resettlement started under the tiger rehabilitation scheme and currently, there are about 55 tiger tigers in this reserve. The reserve has a core area of ​​542 square kilometers and is surrounded by a buffer area of ​​about 1000 square kilometers.