Madhya Pradesh/ Onion price shoots up to Rs 90 per kg in Bhopal, govt figures show decline in price from Rs 60 to 45

Bhopal: In the capital, onion prices have gone up by 29% in a week, while state government rates show that onion prices have come down by 20% during this period.

Onion in Bitton Market reached Rs 90 per kg on Monday, while the onion prices are only Rs 45 per kg according to the state civil supplies department. In the onion producing areas, due to rains during the Diwali and the crop failure, the prices have risen as the good quality onion is not arriving.

Rains in last week of October damaged crop: Onion vendors say that since Diwali till the arrival of new crops in summer, onion comes from Maharashtra itself. But this time the rain in the last week of October has damaged most of the onion crop. The amount of onion left is wet. Therefore, there is no demand in the market.

Traders said that onion had accumulated in the market after the stock limit on onion in October. Before this, prices were around 40 to 50 rupees before Diwali. But as soon as this stock ran out, the price rose sharply.

The biggest loss … due to excessive rains in onion supply areas: 90% of onions arrive from Maharashtra’s Nashik, Kolhapur, and Sangli. The rainfall continued in these three districts throughout September. Due to the water in the fields, farmers could not sow onions. Rain continued in all the three districts during Diwali. In Shajapur, Shujalpur, Mandsaur, Ratlam and Ashta, the rain also damaged the crop.

Arrival of good onion limited: Ashish Pachauri, Vice President, Karond Mandi Fruit and Vegetable Vendor Association, said the arrival of good onions is limited. The wet and small onion is available between Rs 40 and 60 in the market. The wholesale price of good quality onions is Rs 60. It is available for 90 rupees kg in the retail market, Pachauri said.

Now preparing to import onions from abroad: Onions are not expected to come from Nashik, Kolhapur, and Sangli for more days. The quantity of onion is very limited here. The government is importing onions from Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. Only after this, the prices are expected to fall.

Onion price increased: On 5 November, the Madhya Pradesh Civil Supplies Department had claimed onion price was Rs 60 in the markets of Bhopal. On November 15, the department said the onion price was rs 45. However, onion prices in retail markets increased rather than decreased. On November 5, the onion in the Bittan Market was available for Rs 70. It was sold for Rs 90 on Monday.