Madhya Pradesh/ New power connections for pumps will not be given, farmers will now irrigate fields using solar energy

Bhopal (Rahul Sharma): Madhya Pradesh farmers will now be able to irrigate their fields with solar energy. They will not be given new connections for agricultural pumps. The three power companies will not provide new electricity connections to farmers under the agriculture pump scheme.

New lines will not be installed in fields around which there are no electricity connections. The main reason for this is the huge amount spent by the power companies in this work. Solar panels will be installed at such places by giving subsidies to the farmers and the farmers will be able to irrigate using solar energy.

Farmers divided into 3 categories: For this, the government has divided the farmers into three categories. The special thing is that farmers will also be able to sell electricity when electricity is surplus. For this, the Electricity Regulatory Commission will fix the tariff.

Rates fixed: Rates have also been fixed for solar agriculture pumps. Rates are Rs 19 thousand for 1 HP pump, 23 thousand for 2 HP, 36 thousand for 3 HP, 72 thousand for 5 HP and 1 lakh 35 thousand rupees for 7½ HP.

Conditions for solar connections

  • There should be no pre-connection of electricity for agricultural pumps
  • If there is a connection, then it will have to be cut only then farmers will get the benefit of the grant

What are advantages

  • These will be DC pumps which will be able to run continuously from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm.
  • Will also work in less strong sunlight in winter
  • Stainless steel pumps are less likely to malfunction

Three aspects of solar agriculture pump

  • Farmers who have no feeders or power lines around their fields, who are irrigating with diesel will benefit. Solar panels and pumps will be installed and 90 percent subsidy will be given to them. The four-acre field needs five HP pump, which costs around Rs three lakhs. The farmer will have to pay only 30 thousand. After this, he will get free electricity. It works for 25 years.
  • Farmers who have electricity connections in their fields, but they still want to run pumps from the solar panels will also benefit. In such a situation, they can sell surplus power to the government.
  • Solar panels with a capacity between 500 Kilowatt and 2 Megawatt will be installed in fields of farmers with large holdings. Farmers can take as much electricity as they want and surplus can be sold.

Work will start as soon as notifications are released

Chief Engineer of Urja Vikas Nigam Bhuvanesh Patel said that the work will start as soon as the notification is released. This step has been taken to ensure irrigation through solar energy. Power companies will not provide new connections for irrigation. Irrigation will be done through solar.