Madhya Pradesh/ Narendra Modi using CAA as diversionary tactic: Kamal Nath

Sagar: Premier Narendra Modi drew heavy flak on Sunday as Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath accused the former of attempting to divert the attention of cultivators and the youth alike through the medium of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

“Mr Modi had made an assurance vis-a-vis generating two crore jobs and converting agriculture into a profitable profession. On the contrary, tillers’ suicides and unemployment have spiralled in the country! The nation has comprehended his ‘artwork’.

“A humongous difference exists between mere talk and managing a realm,” Mr Nath averred at this divisional headquarters’ Police Training Centre Ground while addressing a Jagriti Sammelan marking Ravidas Jayanti.

However, the Congress made its policy and intention abundantly clear in Madhya Pradesh, the Chief Minister said, adding that – when the party assumed the reins 14 months back – the state’s coffers were empty, it had the dubious distinction of being numero uno in the context of peasants ending their very existence, unemployment and atrocities against womenfolk.

“Those in the Opposition wondered how Congress would run the dispensation. However, we shall fulfil every promise made to the populace,” he underlined.