Madhya Pradesh: Migration unabated as no drinking water in Panna village; only 3 elderly persons and few cattle left

Panna: Due to the severe water crisis in Panna district, villagers in more than 100 villages are being forced to migrate. Nearly 250 people from Chapar village, 10 km from Panna district headquarters, left their village and took shelter in Karkhati village, 20 kilometers away.

In this almost deserted village, there are only three elderly and few cattle are left, who are trying to survive by fetching drinking water from a distance of four kilometer in this scorching sun.

Most tap water schemes of the rural areas of the region have got stalled, which has worsened the situation. While wells have dried up due to declining ground water level, hot air coming out of handpumps instead of water.

Chapar is a tribal-dominated village

For the first time, Chapar, a tribal-dominated village is facing such a severe crisis. Bandi Chaudhary, one among three elderly survivors in the village, said for the first time, there was such a problem of water in the village. They said that due to the declining water level most of the villagers migrated three months ago.

In addition to Bandi Chaudhary, two other villagers Gendalal Chaudhary and Budhwa Chaudhary, who were remain in Chhapar, said that they bring drinking water from Janwaar or Mohangarhi village four kilometers away. On several occasions, they have to quench their thirst by consuming dirty water from the old Jhiriya near the jungle.

Responsible officials are unaware

On the other hand, the entire administration is oblivious to villagers fleeing in the absence of water from Chapar village situated near National Highway No. 39.

SK Jain, executive engineer of Public Health Engineering Department, Panna said that migration of villagers from Chapar due to lack of water is a very serious matter. He said that he had no information about this so far. He also assured to redress the grievance soon.

No help from CM Helpline

There are 3 handpumps and an ancient well for drinking water in Chapar village but in the last three months, the water level of the handpumps has dropped and since then, they are blowing out air instead of water.

Chaudhary contacted the CM Helpline but no help came. According to him, he also went to the administrative authorities to tell his problem several times and visited the PHE and Janpad Panchayat office for several days but to no avail.

Incharge collector says – will solve the problem

JP Dhruve, in-charge Collector, Panna said: “I have received information about villagers resorting to mass migration due to the water crisis. I will immediately inform the CEO Janpad and Executive Engineer PHE. Every effort will be made to provide drinking water to the villagers by solving the problem of the village.”