Madhya Pradesh/ Loudest sound of blast creates panic among residents of Neelbad, Ratibad in Bhopal

Bhopal: The sound of the blasts in Neelbad and Ratibad areas has not stopped. The intensity of such blasts is also increasing. Residents were so terrified of the loudest blast here on Friday that they ran out of their houses and shops to the safe places.

According to residents, the sound was heard 8 to 10 times on Friday. The loudest vibration and vibration was felt at 4.50 pm. Fearful of this, the people stopped work and many residents reached the office of Collector Tarun Pithade to request him for an investigation.

There is no seismic activity, says Collector: The Collector says that the report of the team of Revenue Department has been received, it is clear that there is nothing like an earthquake, that is, there is no seismic activity. Such sounds were also heard in Kolar, this is the same incident. Officials of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) are also aware.

He said that after Dussehra awareness camps will be set up in the area. Dinesh Verma, OSD of the Assessment of Professional and Technical Institute (ATPI), said that sounds and vibrations have been happening for the last 10 to 15 days. Due to this, there is a fear in the minds of students and residents of educational institutions.

Women stopped singing bhajan out of fear: Mastan Singh Maran, a resident of Neelbad and Narendra Kumar Shukla, a resident of Barkheda Nathu said, “Blasts were heard eight times from morning to evening but it was very loud at 4.50 pm. At that time women were reciting bhajan at home. Hearing the sound, they stopped singing bhajan due to fear.”

Car rocked for 2 seconds: Contractor KP Singh said that on Friday evening many times the vibrations had occurred. In the evening when the vibration occurred, I was on the site. My car rocked for 2 seconds.”

Residents demand ban on blasting: Residents Abhishek Srivastava, Ravi Khare, Rakesh Bhuria, Shailendra Silavat, Ramashankar Dwivedi, Pawan Batham, Jagannath Mishra along with many others have submitted a memorandum to the Collector. They have demanded that the ongoing blasting in mines operating in the nearby areas should be stopped immediately. Residents of the villages of the area will complain to the Collector at the public hearing on Tuesday.

Investigation is not possible till mining stops: Ved Prakash, deputy director and senior scientist at Weather Department, said that it is not seismic activity. The reason is that it does not have any record on Seismograph. It is not possible to examine it closely until the crushers, mines or industries operating in the area of ​​about 5-7 km radius are closed in this area, Prakash added.