Madhya Pradesh/ Looteri Dulhaan: Family paid Rs 40000 for new bride, 3 days later she flees with 45,000 cash after drugging them in Guna

Chachoda (Guna): A case of cheating and poisoning by a newly-married bride has come to light in Ward 14 of Chachoda-Binaganj town of Guna district. Shravan Prajapati, a member of the victim family, had married a woman and the new bride had come from Betul only 3 days back.

Actually, his first wife had left home leaving behind 4 children. He had been living without a wife for 5 years. Because of this, he remarried on the advice of relatives. He married a woman from Betul. She stayed in the house for 3 days and escaped on the fourth day.

Re-married so that second wife may take care of children: The complainant said that there was a problem with cooking food at home. He had re-married so that the second wife may take care of the children and cook food. The deal was fixed in Betul through one person.

They brought the woman after paying Rs 40,000. The woman was living well in the house. He told the woman all the secrets including bank balance. After this, she found out where the money was kept while staying at home. During this time, she took the cash of Rs 45,000 kept in the house.

Neighbours found family unconscious when they reached home: On Tuesday night, the bride mixed some intoxicating substance in the food of the family members. Due to this, all the people fainted, no member came out till noon. Then the neighbours got suspicious. When they reached home, all of them were found lying unconscious. After this, they brought them to the hospital for treatment.

A gang is active in the state: Police say that a gang is active in the state. It targets people who do not have a wife. The wedding is done after taking money. Later the bride runs away with cash and valuables.