Madhya Pradesh/ Kerwa’s water rose suddenly; saved wife and three children, but young man drowned in Bhopal

Bhopal: 35-year-old Rizwan Khan, who had come to village Borda Goat in Kolar for picnic, died when he was swept away in overflowing water. Resident of Garm Gadda Bajaria in Bhopal, Rizwan was a driver in a private school bus. He came to Borda on Tuesday with his wife and three children.

Around 4.30 pm, he was sitting with his family on a rock and playing in the water filled in the pit at Baba Jhiri behind Kerwa hill in Borda. At the same time, it started raining and there was a strong flow from Kerwa Dam. Due to which the water suddenly increased there. Rizwan and his family got stuck on the rock.

Rizwan took the three children and his wife to the safety one by one. But suddenly his leg got stuck in the rock. Due to the continuous rise of water, he got washed away. The police along with the Municipal Corporation carried out the rescue and recovered the body of Rizwan.

Bhadbhada’s gate opened for the 15th time in the season

The rain has not stopped in most parts of the state. Bhopal received one inch (2.5 cm) of rain in one and a half hours on Tuesday. It has received total 154.62 cm of rain so far. The situation is that in the 10 days of September, the city received about 31 cm of rain, which is almost double of the month’s total average rainfall of 16.87 cm. Bhadbhada’s gates had to be opened for the 15th time in the season.