Madhya Pradesh/ Kala-Gram to be constructed in Bhopal near Bharat Bhavan: CM Kamal Nath

Bhopal: Kala-Gram will be built on the land adjoining Bharat Bhavan. At the same time, a film on the life and activities of Patalkot will be produced under the town-based filmmaking project, so that this area could be highlighted at international level in terms of tourism. The decision was taken in a meeting of Bharat Bhavan Management held at Mantralaya under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath.

The Chief Minister said that Bharat Bhavan enjoys a reputation of centre of art activities at the international level. Special efforts should be made to make it more prosperous from the point of view of art, culture and literature. He said that various events should be conducted in Bharat Bhavan with artists and litterateurs with appropriate approach. Kamal Nath directed to prepare a time bound plan to realize the vision of Kala Gram.

Festival focussed on NE states should be organized: CM

Nath said that India is a country of different cultures. A festival focused on the North-Eastern States should also be organized to connect all cultures. He instructed to make a roadmap for the festival. The Chief Minister also asked to organize a special programme to connect the youth with the rich tradition of Indian art, culture and literature. He said that youth participation in the activities of Bharat Bhawan should also be ensured.

The Minister for Culture Dr. Vijayalaxmi Sadho said that as per the intention of the Chief Minister, art, literature and other activities of Indian culture will be expanded.