Madhya Pradesh/ International exhibition of ceramic art at Bhopal’s Bharat Bhavan (In Pics)

Bhopal: Culture Minister Dr. Vijailaxmi Sadho has said that Madhya Pradesh is setting new dimensions in the field of culture. The state government is alert and active for the honour and preservation of arts and artists.

The International Ceramic Exhibition and Symposium became the main attraction for art lovers on the 38th Foundation Day celebrations of Bharat Bhavan. It was attended by 43 artists, 26 from India and 17 foreign artists.

Dr. Sadho was inaugurating the 11-day ceremony organized on the 38th year of establishment of the multi arts centre at Bharat Bhavan. She said that the activities of Bharat Bhavan are being diversified and expanded.

Renowned singers of Banaras Pandit Rajan-Sajan Mishra gave a mesmerizing performance on the first day of the programme.

The exhibition is being organized by Roopankar The Museum of Fine Art.

Minister Dr. Sadho said that for the first time an international exhibition of ceramic art has been organized in the state. Eminent ceramic artists from India, US, Australia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Ireland, Italy, China and France are attending the exhibition. Their artwork is a symbol of world-class creation.