Madhya Pradesh/ Honey trap gang busted, five women among 6 arrested in Bhopal, Indore

Indore: Five women were among six persons placed under arrest here on Thursday in connection with a high-profile honey trapping case.

Indore Senior Superintendent of Police Ruchi Vardhan Mishra told the press that a complaint was lodged on Tuesday by a Municipal Corporation functionary who alleged that Aarti Dayal (29) was blackmailing him after entangling the official in a web of friendship. She was demanding Rs 3 crore for not making intimate videos viral. We laid a trap by asking her to come for receiving the maiden installment of Rs 50 lakh. 

Woman was nabbed when she reached to collect maiden installment: Mishra said that when she reached on the spot, her accomplice Monica Yadav (18) and their car driver Omprakash Kori (45) were also taken into custody. Based on details divulged during questioning, Barkha Soni (34) and Shweta Jain (39) were nabbed. All the accused hail from Bhopal,”.

So far 6 people, including a young man, have been arrested. The police got the women’s medical done on Thursday. It is alleged that they blackmail all the officials and businessmen by trapping them through honeytrap.

In the case, the Home Minister has said to disclose soon. However, in this high-profile case, officers up to the police headquarters have kept silent. The involvement of Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) in this action is also raising many questions.

Woman in Bhopal detained: Police on Wednesday had detained a woman from Bhopal. The woman lives in the bungalow of Brijendra Pratap Singh, BJP MLA from Panna. IThe bungalow was given to the woman on rent through a broker and the woman has been living here since September.

A few days ago an FIR was registered against this woman for blackmailing. Intelligence was also monitoring the activities of the woman. The ATS was also collecting evidence at its level. Apart from this, three people including two women were detained from Minal Residency.

Investigations are also taking place about the woman’s relationship with former ministers.

Police sources said that these women used to send call girls to politicians and officers and make objectionable videos of them and blackmail them by threatening to go viral.

A few days ago, the head of the gang had made an objectionable video of a senior officer viral. It has also come to light that the head of the high profile racket also has a CD of many politicians and officers.

2 crore was demanded from the municipal officer: An officer of Indore Municipal Corporation also asked for three crore rupees by framing a video in a honey trap.

The officer complained to the police. On Thursday morning, the crime branch team reached Indore for inquiries in this regard.

They are being interrogated at the Women’s Police Station at Palasia.

According to the information, after being trapped in Honey Trap, the municipal engineer had complained that two women were blackmailing him.

They are demanding more than three crore rupees by threatening to make the video viral. After this, Vijay Nagar Police arrested a woman and her accomplice on Tuesday.

During interrogation, he had mentioned the names of his colleagues. After this, one person was arrested from Indore and three women from Bhopal.

No accused will be spared, says Home Minister: Home Minister Bala Bachchan said that this is a big action. It is being investigated in depth.

No criminal will escape. They made plans to hunt people, they would all be exposed. Bhopal and Indore police are investigating the case.

In this, if the officer, the leader will be caught. The captured women were staying in the leader’s house. We will tell the name and complete information only after investigation.