Madhya Pradesh/ High Court allows abortion of minor rape victim; doctors had advised against it

  • The victim is 11-years-old, the mother gave in writing that she will be responsible for the risks during the abortion
  • The medical board twice examined the girl and advised not to have an abortion.

Jabalpur: The Madhya Pradesh High Court has given permission to an 11-year-old girl victim of rape to have an abortion. The court has said that due diligence should be taken during the process of abortion. Judge Nandita Dubey gave this order on Monday, disposing of the petition filed by the mother of the victim girl.

Before this order, the girl was examined twice by the medical board. The medical report advised not to have an abortion, although the report did not mention what the consequences would be in the event of an abortion.

On the other hand, the victim’s mother has given in writing that she will be responsible for the risks that come during the abortion.

Girl was sexually assaulted: The court has ordered an abortion with due diligence. The victim is a resident of Niwari district and became pregnant due to the misdeeds of a close relative. She has a pregnancy of about seven and a half months. The victim’s mother wants her abortion. Due to not getting permission from Tikamgarh District Court, she reached the High Court with this demand. While settling the case on Monday, the court gave permission for an abortion.

Daughter said that the relative raped: In the petition, the victim’s mother said that she and her husband had moved to another place in April in search of work. She left the daughter and son with a close relative so that their studies may not be affected.

She questioned the daughter as she became suspicious after returning in September. The girl told that the relative had raped her after threatening her. After this, the matter reached the police.