Madhya Pradesh/ Heavy showers lash Bhopal; city gets total 100 cm rains in 47 days, more than twice compared to last year

Bhopal: Monsoon has become active in Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal has been receiving heavy rainfall once again. In Bhopal, 100.1 cm of rain has been recorded in the current monsoon season so far, which is 40 cm more than the average. The monsoon arrived in the city on 28 June. It has been 47 days till August 13. Bhopal received 6 mm of rain from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on Tuesday. People in Bhopal woke up to an overcast morning on Wednesday and heavy showers have been lashing the city since morning.

In 2018, till August 13, only 49.28 cm of rain could be received. But this season 101.1 cm rainfall has occurred. This is more than double compared to last year. According to weather experts, the monsoon season ends on 30 September. Accordingly, there are 48 days of the rainy season remain. The average seasonal rainfall in Bhopal is 108.66 cm. Thus only 8.66 cm of rain is needed to fulfill the quota.

Upper Lake reaches full tank level

Bhadbhada’s sluice gates were opened again to release the excess water on Tuesday evening as the city’s Upper Lake reached the full tank level (FTL) of 1666.80 feet. Two gates of Bhadbhada had to be opened at five o’clock on Tuesday evening. Out of this, a gate was closed late in the evening. The Kerwa Dam is also almost full. Its full tank level is 509.93 meters, till Tuesday evening its level stood at 509.66 meters.

Water level of two dams on Tuesday night
Dam Present level FTL
Kerwa 509.66m 509.93m
Kolar 452.84m 462.20m

Heavy rainfall warning

Senior meteorologist AK Shukla said that heavy rains are expected to occur in most parts of the state on Wednesday and Thursday. Some areas may also experience very heavy rainfall.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that a low-pressure area exists over Jharkhand and it is likely to turn into well-marked low. Moreover, a trough line is passing through Chhattisgarh. Hence, the State will get good rains in the next two days. Some places even may face torrential rains.