Madhya Pradesh/ Geological tremors continue even after one month in Barwani, people start leaving villages

Barwani: Nearly two to four tremors of the quake are being felt daily in more than 10 nearby villages of Rajpur block for the past one month. The villages include Bhamori, Sakad, Umaria, Rangaon Road, Haribar, Bilwa Deb and Okari. On Sunday, some people of village Umaria, who came under Sakad Gram Panchayat, left the village and moved to the places of their relatives. They said – how long shall we live in fear.

According to the information, Umaria residents Dayaram Panchoule, Ballu Bamnia, Gildarsingh Satya, Kishore, Hukum and others have left the village. More than 200 families live in the village. Some of the members of about 60 families have left the village. People from other villages have also started taking shelter in the homes of their relatives. 

People are leaving villages.

Nanuram Rathore, a resident of Umaria, said that the shock that occurred after 2 pm has caused a deep rift in his house. Ranjit Panwar and Prakash told that cracks have occurred in many houses due to the sharp shaking that occurred on Sunday afternoon.

Expert said that shocks will be felt for 20-25 days more: Akshay Joshi, Scientist, Geological Survey of India Nagpur, said efforts are being made to find out the reason behind the shock. Such shocks will last for another 20 to 25 days. The instruments are recording shocks of less than two intensity on the Richter scale. Shocks of five intensity on the Richter scale cause damage.