Madhya Pradesh Floods/ Torrential monsoon rains continue in most dists; gates of most dams opened; rivers, rivulets overflowing; heavy rain alert for 11 dists

  • Pilgrims did not arrive in Omkareshwar due to heavy rains, floods in the capital Bhopal this morning
  • Meteorological Department has issued an alert for heavy rains in 11 districts including Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, Hoshangabad, Khandwa, Khargone, Jhabua

Bhopal: Torrential rains continue in most of the districts of the state. Public life has been disrupted as the rivers and drains in the rain-affected districts are in spate. 28 cows died due to lightning in Sagar’s Gauzhamar. The heavy rains continue in the capital Bhopal this morning.

In May-June this year, there was a continuous scorching heat and this season, the more than twice low-pressure systems formed in the Bay of Bengal. Also, due to continuous low-pressure areas, the rains started in Madhya Pradesh from the last week of July and continue till the middle of September.

4 monsoon systems active in state: According to meteorologists, six monsoon systems are currently active. Four of these are active in MP. Due to these effects, the process of intermittent showers will continue in many places of the state. In this sequence, heavy rains are expected on Thursday, Friday in Indore, Bhopal, Ujjain, Hoshangabad, Khandwa, Khargone, Jhabua, Narsinghpur, Rajgarh, Vidisha, Chhindwara.

Khandwa: Indira Sagar Dam’s gates are being opened regularly since August 16 due to incessant rains and continuous release of water from Bargi and Tawa dams in the upper region. By opening 12 gates, 23 thousand cumecs per second water is being released continuously from Monday night.

All the Ghats submerged in Omkareshwar: All the Ghats of Narmada at Omkareshwar are lying submerged for last 15 days. The number of pilgrims in Omkareshwar due to floods is also negligible. By opening 18 radial gates of Omkareshwar dam, 24 thousand cumecs per second water is being discharged.

15 cm rainfall in Dindori, 12.5 cm in Hoshangabad: Hoshangabad received 12.5 cm of rain in five hours on Wednesday. There was 15 cm rainfall in Dindori and 2.5 cm in Pachmarhi. Bhopal received 6 mm of rain. The Meteorological Department has also warned of heavy rain in the 34 districts including Bhopal, Indore on Thursday.

On the other hand, 28 animals died due to lightning at around 1 pm on Wednesday in Deori Kalaan, Sagar. The cows went to graze in the forest. Meanwhile, lightning struck.