Madhya Pradesh Flood/ Kali Sindh and Guneri rivers overflowing in Dewas, 52 villages lose contact, flood in Narmada

Bhopal: The rains continue throughout Malwa-Nimar including Indore. 21 cities including Indore, Bhopal have received heavy showers. Due to the rains for the last 24 hours, rivers and streams are in spate. Due to floods in Kali Sindh and Guneri in Dewas, the contact of the 52 villages with the district headquarters has been snapped, leading to traffic disruption.

Tapti in spate: At the same time, Tapti is in spate in Burhanupar, following the opening of the gates of Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar dam. Narmada river is also flooded. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), heavy showers will continue for one or two days.

Ujjain: With the opening of one gate of the Yashwant Sagar Dam in Indore, the water reached the Gambhir Dam of Ujjain. After this, gate number 3 of the Dam was opened. Besides the water level of Kshipra River has also risen. Ujjain city received 31 mm of rain in 24 hours, while the district recorded 24.3 mm of rain. Nagda recorded 3.5 inches of rain in 15 hours.

Khargone: According to Collector Gopal Chandra Dad, after opening of the gates of Indira Sagar and Ankareshwar Dam, its effect is also seen in Khargone district. The Narmada river is in spate here. High alert has been declared in Narmada Patti area. The old bridge of Khalghat in Khargone district is on the verge of sinking due to the floods in Narmada. 10 thousand cusec meters of water was released from the Ankareshwar dam.

Khandwa: The rain continues in Khandwa. In Burhanpur, the Tapti River is flowing above the danger mark. At 6.30 pm on Sunday, the river was flowing at 221 meters. At the same time, 12 gates of Indira Sagar and 14 gates of Omkareshwar dam were opened.

Jhabua: It rained again on Saturday and Sunday after a gap of about a week. So far, the city has received 33 inches of rain. The average seasonal rainfall for the district is 34 inches.

Mandsaur: This time the monsoon is more active in the district. All the eight tehsils of Mandsaur, Mahalhargarh, Sitamau, Suwasra, Shamgarh, Bhanpura, Garoth, and Dalauda have received twice as much rain as compared to last year. The water level of the Gandhisagar dam has also reached 1308.1 feet. The dam has a capacity of 1312 feet.

Burhanpur: After the opening of four gates of Chandora Dam across Tapti River in Betul, the water level of the river started increasing from Saturday night. After flowing above the danger mark overnight, the water level of the river decreased on Sunday morning.