Madhya Pradesh elections: Govt in suspended animation, politicos holding fire till counting

Bhopal: The air is thick with a strange sense of lassitude and inaction since Madhya Pradesh voted to elect its new government on November 27. A government is very much there but bound – as it is – by the model code of conduct, it cannot take any decision.

The bureaucratic machinery, after completing the gigantic task of holding the elections, seems to have shifted into the wait-and-watch mode. Files are gathering dust and the Babus have little work to do. The politicians, for a change, are holding fire. The usual sniping between the BJP and the Congress has all but ceased and newspapers are finding it hard to fill their columns.

Everyone seems be waiting for the results with his fingers crossed. And what that is costing to the people of the state can well be imagined.

All developmental projects are on a stand-still since November 2, when the Election Commission issued notification for holding of Assembly elections in the state. The model code will be lifted only after counting on December 11. Thus, for around 40 days, the government will be paralysed in the state.

By the afternoon of December 11, it will be clear which party will rule the state for the next five years. Meanwhile, predictions and claims about the outcome of the polls are being bandied about all around from offices of political outfits, to Vallabh Bhavan, to newsrooms of media organisations to pan and teashops. Astrologers are having a field day, soothsaying victories and defeats. Political pundits and commentators are making long-winding and complicated analyses.

The Election Commission of India has become the favourite whipping boy of both the major contenders of party. Both are claiming that it has been ‘unjust’ to them. The Congress is making a song and dance about EVMs being tampered, about the machines being delivered to the strong rooms as late as four days after the polling and about LED screens beaming the scene inside the strong rooms going blank for varied durations.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has claimed that he was not allowed by EC to attend the funeral of a close associate at Vidisha.

People suffer as everything put on hold on the pretext of model code of conduct in state.