Madhya Pradesh/ Country’s first e-waste clinic to open in Bhopal

Bhopal: Country’s first e-waste clinic is going to be established in Bhopal. An agreement regarding this has been made between the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC). Municipal commissioner B Vijay Dutta informed that processing of e-waste i.e. computer to mobile and charger will be done at this clinic. The e-waste which cannot be processed will be used in ‘junk to jugaad‘ and artworks etc. will be made.

Bhopal will be the first municipal corporation in the country to run the e-waste clinic. Trial will be done under the pilot project for three months. Vinod Kumar Babu, Director, CPCB Delhi, and Additional Director Anand Kumar agreed to open the country’s first e-Waste Clinic in Bhopal after discussions with Municipal Commissioner B Vijay Dutta.

Commissioner Dutta informed that the BMC will make MoUs with companies making electronic goods. Under this MoU, the corporation will collect e-waste and these companies will process e-waste at this clinic.
The plastic coming out of the clinic will also be recycled, the material which will be of no use will be used in making decoration materials. The BMC has installed a radio on the Roshanpura intersection two years ago under ‘Junk to Jugaad’. Cleanliness messages are broadcast on this radio.

Prior to this MoU, CPCB officials and experts inspected the transfer centers of the Municipal Corporation including the Material Recovery Facility Centre and the Plastic Recovery Center at Bhanpur etc.

Reality: More than 4 kg e-waste is present in every house in Bhopal

Every year 435 MT of e-waste is coming out from Bhopal and it is increasing by 12 to 15 percent every year.

Penalty: There is a fine of up to Rs 3 lakh or one year imprisonment or throwing e-waste or selling it to scrap dealer.
e-Waste Collection Centres will also open

The BMC has to open e-waste collection centres under Solid Waste Management Rules 2016. Till now there is no collection center in Bhopal. CPCB officials said that in view of future planning, the possibilities of e-waste collection and processing center in Bhopal are very good.
Effect: Many kinds of dangers from e-waste

When we use electronic devices i.e. computers, mobile phones, printers, photocopy machines, inverter, UPS, LCD / television, radios, transistors, digital cameras, etc., the equipment that is damaged after prolonged use is called e-waste. Using unsafe methods to recycle e-waste can expose one to chemicals causing skin diseases, lung cancer along with diseases of the nervous system, kidney, heart and liver.
The e-waste collection started at five locations in 2012.
A ban has been imposed on throwing this e-waste in the open. In 2012, the municipal corporation started e-waste collection centers at five locations in the city, but they closed in no time.

In 2015, the NGT directed the state government to open e-waste collection centers. After that, such a center opened in Indore, but Bhopal was untouched by this and the e-waste of Bhopal is either lying in offices and houses or it is sold to junk dealers along with the ordinary waste.