Madhya Pradesh: Death of over 100 monkeys due to thirst and hunger in Dewas move people to action

Dewas: Humanity still exists… After 100 monkeys died of thirst and hunger in Joshi Baba jungle of Punjapura range in Dewas

District of Madhya Pradesh, people arranged water for the remaining monkeys who are in distress due to water crisis. As soon as the water was arranged, the monkeys could be seen happily diving and playing in the water. Had this action been taken earlier by the Forest Department, nearly a 100 monkeys would not have died for the want of water.

Forest Department also provided water

Lakhan Singh, a localite dug a pit close to Dhantalab jungle and filled it with water from his borewell for wild animals. At the same time, the Janwani range deputy ranger Meda kept a huge can and filled it with water from the handpump.

Priest provides water from handpump

Pujari Bhagwandas Vaishnav fill the cans kept for the animals with water from the handpump. Sumer Singh Durbar staying in tribal dominated Devasia also fills water in the pit from his borewell. Similarly, many other people are prepared to fill the pits and vessels near their fields.

Localite fills two cans with water daily, feeds them fruits also

Umesh Rathore, resident of Sanavadiya and a driver of the Indore to Uday Nagar bus, has taken a good initiative for the wild animals. He once saw hundreds of monkeys on Nachanbore Ghat, but there was no water for them. He now carries two cans of water on the bus everyday and one crate full of fruits to feed all the monkeys at the ghat.

About 100 monkeys were found dead due to thirst

Scores of monkeys were found dead in Beat number 540 in Joshi Baba jungles of Punjapura range recently. Post mortem revealed that the monkeys had died of heat stroke. There is no arrangement of drinking water for wild animals in the forest up to 3 km area.

Bodies of monkeys found below roots of trees

A forest team conducted a search operation in the jungle of Joshi Baba, to probe the case of monkey deaths. After nearly four hours of search, 15 bodies of monkeys were dug out from underneath the stones and roots of trees. The bodies had rotted. The viscera will be sent to Sagar for testing. The mysterious death of the monkeys is also a matter of investigation.