Madhya Pradesh: Dalit youth takes out wedding procession in Ujjain village, community members boycotted

Ujjain:  Even after 72 years of independence, casteism remains in the country. Savarna Samaj members have boycotted Dalits of Kundi Kheda village of Mahidpur tehsil in Ujjain district after a Dalit youth’s marriage procession was taken out for the first time on May 14.

The very next day, the angry Savarna Samaj members called a meeting of the villagers at the Ramkrishna temple in the village. After the meeting an order was issued to boycott the Dalits.

Due to the boycott, the Dalits living in the village were facing difficulty. They have to fetch water from a distance of nearly 4 kms.

The people of the village told that despite a flour mill in the village, they are not allowed to get their wheat ground from the mill. Because of this they have to go as far as 20 kilometer to get wheat flour.

The Dalit bride’s maternal uncle Dulesingh Suryavanshi approached the National President of All India Balai Mahasangh, Manoj Parmar and told them about their problems. Mahasangh officials discussed the issue with the victims in the village.

The Mahasangh has warned to agitate if the administration does not normalise the condition of the Dalits soon.