Madhya Pradesh Crime/ Businessman’s only son killed in Ganjbasoda by 4 minor friends and a teen for sake of Rs 15 lakh ransom

  • Four minors and a youth kidnapped their own friend after watching a South film
  • When the child became unconscious, they tied him to a bicycle and threw him into a water-filled khanti; all five arrested

Ganjbasoda (Vidisha): Four minors and a 19-year-old youth kidnapped a 12-year-old boy from his own neighborhood to collect a ransom of Rs 15 lakh after watching the South Indian film DJ. When the boy tried to run away, they killed him. The police have arrested the five accused.

The body of Pawan, the 12-year-old son of a well-known catering businessman Narayan Singh Kushwaha, resident of Karma Devi Chauraha, has been recovered by the police from a farm in Gamakar village. Pawan went out of the house on Monday afternoon to play. 

When he did not return home by evening, the family started searching for him. Someone came to know that he was seen walking with a minor friend of his own from the locality. When the friend was asked about Pawan, he did not tell anything.

At night, the family lodged a case of Pawan’s abduction at the police station. Police have arrested 19-year-old Ajay Chidar and four minor accused after investigation. 

Deceased Pawan

Accused admit Pawan was abducted for ransom: According to Virender Marscole, the police station in-charge, all of them confessed that Pawan was kidnapped for ransom. They took him to an isolated farm in Gamakar on pretext of going for a walk. 

Accused hit child on the head with a stone when he tried to run away: Pawan found out that he has been kidnapped. When he tried to run away, he stoned his head. He fell unconscious due to bleeding. Seeing this, the accused got nervous and tied him to a bicycle and threw him in a field filled with water. Pawan was the only brother among four sisters. He was a Class 6 student at New Scholars Public School.

There was a plan to kidnap another child: The accused mostly watched criminal films. They had seen South’s film DJ several times. This was followed by a conspiracy to kidnap two children. According to the police, if they had succeeded, they would have committed another incident. By kidnapping, the accused wanted to raise lots of money.